About Pitayo

Pitayo was born in 2014 and it has slowly evolved into what it is today. We started out hosting a casual “paint night”. Over the years we have branched out to offer a variety of art workshops in many different mediums. From painting and glass fusing, to metal embossing, and also mobile making. We continue to carve our place in the Puerto Vallarta community by providing a fun and casual creative outlet for you.

2019 brings in a new era as Licia has begun a new venture with her family in China therefore Sisko has taken over the reins of Pitayo! This new year will bring back some of the classes you are familiar and even more new and exciting workshops!

Sisko Martikainen

Sisko moved to Puerto Vallarta in the fall of 2011 from Vancouver BC, Canada. A creative outlet has always taken centre stage with Sisko. She has fostered an interest in the creative and the artistic over the years and has continued to fuel that fire by studying various art forms such as sketching, painting, fashion design, beadwork, silversmithing, and cooking.